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Lila Group: A Womens' Circle for Healing & Transformatio

Space is limited so reserve your space now!

"The Lila Group is an ongoing womens' circle using expressive arts, ritual and games to explore ones relationship to Self, others, higher self, God, soul and life path" (Tate)

'Lila' is Sanskrit for "cosmic" or "divine play." The universe experienced as arising from the joyous love play and creative adventures of the Divine.


Thus "Lila" describes the existence of everything as the result of the creative play of the divine absolute. The objective of this womens' circle is to engage in creative play, as a means to bring oneself closer to your creative Source and inner essence.

What is Expressive Arts?

Expressive Arts combines the visual art (planned and spontaneous) drawing, painting, clay, mask making, drama games, role play, music, journaling, collage, movement, dance, dreamwork, guided imagery, meditation, and ritual to foster deep personal growth & community. "By integrating the arts processess and allowing one to flow into another, we gain access to our inner resources for healing, clarity, illumination and creativity." 

This creative womens' circle will provide a space for you to share deeply within the safety and with support of a reflective circle of intentional women.

The benefits of sitting in such a cirlce include:

  • Awaken your creative spirit
  • Gain greater clarity and self-awareness
  • Create more balance in your creative, spiritual and physical life
  • Centeredness in your heart space.
  • Connect with others who support you on your authentic path
  • Be part of a community or heart-based women
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Inner growth and awareness happen when we create the right environment for it: time, safe space, and loving guidance.  


The circle will meet Saturday from 6:30 to 8:30 pm Fee: $50 per session or $500 for 10 week series.

Reserve your seat now and receive a 10% early discount


Come to one session (payment required) and see if it feels right for you. If so, sign up for 10 sessions. These sessions do not need to be used sequentially. Art materials provided and no art experience needed. 

Space is limited to 12 participants. Spaces fill up quickly so reserver your seat now! 

LOCATION: TBD Manhattan and  Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Heights & Prospect Park South)

About Faciliator(s): Eva Fernandez is a Certified Expressive Art Practitioner (C.E.A.P), Creativity and Transformational Coach (ACC), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), National Certified Counselor (NCC), artist, speaker, internet radio host and workshop facilitator.

As a fellow artist and creative spirit, Eva founded Inner Muse Studio to provide a fun and safe space for the creative spirits and visionaries alike, explore and tap into their Creative Source. Eva brings passion, humour, authenticity, and wholeheartness to her workshops and classes. She strives to inspire her clients to take a bold step in creating and exploring their creativity and applying to all aspect of their life. 


Note: We often have guest co-leaders who bring in their wisdom and expertise (artists, healers, massage therapists, spiritual teachers).