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Expressive & Creativity Workshops

These workshops are designed for individuals of all ages and abilities, who are interested in bringing more creativity in their life and harnessing the power of their Creative Source. Art experience is not required, nor is it necessary to take any of our classes. What is most important is your willigness to trust and be open to healing and transformative power of the creative process.


Soulful Expressions: Journeying Into the Creative Process

Intuitive or Process Painting allows individuals to explore the landscape of their subconscious where they can "uncover images of their inner selves through painting." (Cassell) This form of intuitive paiting is not about the product or the techniques of painting, but more about the creative process, transcending the inner critic and moving past creative blocks. It is the practice of "letting go of the need to figure out, the need to make something happen, the need to be in control."

These workshop classes are appropriate for all levels of painting experience. People come who have never picked up a brush and who have told themselves "I'm not creative" or "I can't paint," only to discover their creative spirt alive and well. Experienced artists with years of training can also benefit from this approach when they find themselves mired in a creative block or have lost their passion for painting.  

In this workshop we will create and explore:

  • Intuition
  • Creative Process
  • Expectations and roadblocks
  • Surrendering to perfectionism/ letting go of judgment
  • Transform your relationship and attitude to creative blocks and habits that keep you from fulfilling on your promises, projects and commitments. 

Through this process of expression you will awaken your inherent creative self and open yourself up to your true joy, harmony, and balance. 


The classes are held in a warm and inviting space. Class sizes are limited and does not exceed 12 students. All materials are provided, including a vast array of brushes, non-toxic tempera paints and high quality paper.

Date: Coming Soon!

Modern Day Muse

9 Modern Day Muses is based on the work by Jill Bodansky. This workshop will meet once a week for 12 weeks with some practices to be done between classes.  $295 - Includes book and materials.

Touch Drawing: Cultivating Our Inner Muse

Imagery is created by the movement of hands and fingers on a tissue paper surface. A multitude of drawings can be created in one session, each a stepping stone to the next; guiding progressively deeper into the landscape of our inner world. Through this direct drawing process, even the least confident artist can experience interior images coming alive on the page. "The hands become organic extensions of the soul, moving freely in response to the sensations of the moment." Images that arise from a deep inner place can be powerful expressions of our authentic creative voice. Touch Drawing offers participants a simple, profound creative experience. This workshop is based on the work from Deborak Koff-Chapin who created Touch Drawing 

Inner Essence Wisdom Cards

In this ongoing workshop you will be creating small collages to be used as your very own personal way to explore different aspect of your soul, essence and your inner wisdom. These are designed to tap into your own intuition for persoanl growth and self-development. Once you have created a sufficient deck, you will learn how to use them to access your own intuitive wisdom in answering important life questions. 

Date: To Be Announced





All of our workshops and can be structured for individual and group settings. If you are interested in having a workshop designed for your agency, business or work team please contact us for a consultation at 646.881.4608 and how we can meet your needs.