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About Eva K. Fernandez, LMFT

My Approach On Healing

The word "heal" is derived from the Gaelic word meaning "whole". Healing is the process of remembering that who we are is already whole. We all possess innate wisdom: an inner knowledge that serves to guide us through life. Unfortunately, this wisdom often gets muddled with other people's vision of you: opinions, expectations, stories of how you "should" be living and being in your life. When our vision of ourselves gets sidetracked we have a tendency to look to the gurus, experts, friends, lovers and parents on how we should be feeling, thinking and living. One thing I know for sure is that "my truth can never be your truth because there is no way of transferring truth from one person to another."

One of my core principles when working with people is to help them reconnect to themselves and that core wisdom by helping them create space between what is going on internally and externally. I work as a guide helping you find your vision, your truth and voice among the stress and ebb-and-flow of life.  

My approach to helping others is founded on my core belief that who I am and what I bring in the room is critical to fostering a trusting and safe relationship. At the end of the day, we all want to feel seen and heard- we want the 'go-ahead' to express ourselves fully and authentically and not be judged, shamed, criticized or rejected. I strongly believe in creating the space where you give yourself permission to fully express all aspects of your self, the good, the bad and the ugly -- that has been shunned, pushed to the dark corners and forgotten.

My way of being and working with you is warm, respectful, authentic, honest and compassionate. I attend to your in-the-moment experience, including your experience in our relationship. As we bring our attention to what is, we work our way towards completing the past and coming into the present moment. Together we work at creating a space where you can actually experience profound change rather than merely talking about change.

Clinical and Theoretical Approach

My clinical approach is integrative, holistic and draws on various psychological approaches according, in part, to the problem that is being treated and the assessment of what will best benefit you. I practice both short term counseling to help with immediate stressors and in-depth psychotherapy to work toward deeper personal growth. These approaches are but not limited to: utilizing a mind-body approach incorporating, coaching, cognitive, dialectical-behavioral techniques, solution-focused language, systemic, interpersonal psychotherapy, expressive arts therapy, EFT, psycho-educational, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, Buddhist psychology, and the Enneagram. 

I specialize working with couples, families and individuals who need support as they cope with the stresses of life transitions. Using evidenced-based resources, tools and treatments, we will guide you through life?s labyrinth to help you acquire the skills to create the life you want: enhance your relationships, nurture your friendships, transcend life challenges, resolve limiting beliefs and blocks, empower you to take action and control, and support you on your unique journey to wholeness.

As a fellow artist, she believes in the therapeutic and healing power of art, creativity, and community to foster well-being and personal growth. I currently developed and run expressive and creativity groups for those creative spirits who are looking for community and connection.

LISTEN LIVE to my weekly radio talk show Wholehearted Pathways, which can be heard live on Sundays at 9pm EST at starting up January 27th 2013